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The cradle of beautiful landscapes and superb wine in Raca

Ambrolauri is a picturesque place in the foothill regions of Georgia, located in the Racha region. These lands are famous for the beauty of nature, excellent wine, abundance of attractions and comfortable weather. When you want to escape from the heat, get closer to the Georgian culture and touch upon the centuries-old heritage - tourists come to Ambrolauri, and they do it for a reason.

Ambrolauri - tourist information

Ambrolauri in Lower Racha is the center of the region and is referred to by some tourists as the “Georgian Alps”. This village originated in the 17th century, the population is 2,400 people, located on the banks of the river. Rioni. Distance to other cities is:

Tkibuli - 40 km;

Kutaisi - 120 km;

to Tbilisi - 280 km;

To the international airport in Tbilisi - 300 km.

It is curious that, despite the small number of indigenous people Ambrolauri, this city is well landscaped. There are tourist centers, banks, a modern hospital, an excellent gym with a swimming pool. Travelers can stay in comfortable guest houses and hotels - all accommodation can be booked on our website.

How to get to Ambrolauri?

Ambrolauri is a region of Georgia, which can be easily reached from anywhere in the country. Arriving in Tbilisi, tourists choose one of several available ways to travel:

ordering a taxi is ideal for a company or having a rest with children, the trip will take a little less than 4 hours, prices - from 140 dollars;

by plane - first you need to get to the airport Rustaveli by shuttle, then - by plane to fly to Ambrolauri airport in an hour, the ticket price is $ 23;

by car - you will have to go through Mtskheta, Khashuri, Surami, Tkibuli.

Although the flight is the most budget option, a trip by car allows you to see more of the beauties of Georgia.

Racha Region - 5 reasons to visit these regions

The region of Racha in Georgia is not popular with tourists, although the reasons are not clear: these regions are an ideal place for a measured and flawless rest. Why is it worth to go to Racha, visiting Ambrolauri and other villages?

The beauty of nature - here you can see the real alpine meadows in the foothills, enjoy the fresh mountain air, stroll along the banks of the river. Nature, untouched by the hand of man, is precisely about Rach;

Abundance of mineral springs - Georgia is famous for its healing balneological resorts, and in Raca you can improve your health thanks to special natural water with rich mineral composition;

Friendly and hospitable people - people live in Racha, who are happy to see tourists, regardless of nationality. In guest houses, travelers are greeted as relatives who have not visited their homelands for a long time - they will always help, prompt, share advice and dishes of local cuisine;

Tranquility - tourists are a bit regardless of the season, this means that there is no hurry, prices are not too high, as at other popular resorts, and the attitude towards each guest is cordial. In Racha, you can take a break from the bustle of the metropolis, gain strength, being left alone with nature;

The abundance of attractions - natural and man-made. Many objects are listed by UNESCO and have no analogues all over the world - this is a great option for an inquisitive tourist to make an exciting excursion with a mass of colorful photos.

Beautiful nature, mountain air, healing resorts - Racha and Ambrolauri attract with their special charm and charm. A measured life flows here, and tourists are always welcome.

What to do in Racha tourist?

The absence of a large flow of travelers from abroad in Racha is probably due to the fact that the local population does not advertise these regions, preferring to get out in Ambrolauri on their own, saving local beauty for themselves. If the tourist came to Racha, what should he do?

walks in the mountains - get better for the whole day, go along the roads from the side of the village or the river, so that you can ask the way from the locals. On the way there are sources with "black" water, useful for treating the stomach;

a trip to the town of Gona - the distance is 30 km, along the way there are beautiful views of the snow mountain, you can walk along the village of Gebi;

walk along the river gorge, 16 km from Utsera - after passing the bridge towards Shovi, you need to go down the dry river valley through the forest, the journey takes about 4 hours, you need comfortable shoes;

excursion to the lake Udziro - here you can see stunning landscapes - a beautiful lake, striped mountains, amazing valleys.

It’s worth staying on holiday in Racha for at least a few days - otherwise it’s impossible to see all the beauties of nature, see the sights and get closer acquainted with Georgian culture.

Seasons and weather in Racha

Ambrolauri weather is warm in summer and cool in winter. If it is hot and stuffy in the rest of Georgia during the high season, then in the foothills of Racha you can be saved from the heat - there is regular rain here and winds blow. Rest comfortably, regardless of the time of year, in the summer the thermometer is kept at around 25-27 degrees, although the heat is not felt. At night - the temperature drops to +15.

Sights of Racha and surroundings

In addition to the amazing nature, it is worth going to Racha to explore ancient sights. The main objects of "Georgian Switzerland", which are worth seeing, are:

Cathedral Nikortsminda - refers to the era of the "Golden Age", is a large-scale architectural landmark. The decorations of the facade of the temple are unique, well preserved to this day. The temple was built in the 11th century, restored in the 17th, the frescoes of that time were also not destroyed, later a bell tower with a spiral staircase was built;

Rachinsky Wine Monument - located in the middle of the city square, the wine has an unusual sweet taste, so tourists who once tried this drink want to return to Ambrolauri again;

the old residential tower is the only structure of this type preserved in the region; a new church, elegant and beautiful, is being built next to it, its facade is also decorated with interesting carvings;

Church of Our Lady Barakoni - located on a cliff on the banks of the River Rioni, opened in 1753, historically, it was in this picturesque place that shrines and ancient manuscripts were kept during the times of forays of enemies;

Mindatsikhe castle - located next to the temple of Barakoni, however, only ruins remained of it, in this fortress Queen Tamara's childhood passed.

Interesting sights can be seen during ordinary walks, trips by car. For example, at the Mukhli Bridge there is a bas-relief dedicated to local toast-makers - not just the hosts of holidays and feasts, but well-read and respected people.

Khvanchkara village - the pearl of the tourist route

When the sights of Racha are examined, you admire the nature and amazing landscapes, it is time to visit the village of Khvanchkara, where they make the eponymous wine. This small village is located on the coast of Rioni, and the number of local residents is just under 700 people.

Khvanchkara is an elite Georgian wine created according to the recipe of Dmitry Kipiani and making a splash at the international exhibition. The name of the drink was given by Stalin himself. What are the features of this wine of this variety?

fortress from 10.5 to 12 degrees;

the color of the liquid is dark, from ruby ​​to deep violet;

the aroma is rich, there are notes of wild berries (blackberries, raspberries), dried fruits, almonds;

aftertaste - long, tart;

rare grape varieties are used for production, which grow only in this area;

The traditional technology is used in the manufacture - the bones and the skin are not removed from the wort during fermentation, which gives the drink a special taste.

You can drink Khvanchkara with Georgian meat dishes. However, it is more correct to serve this noble drink with desserts - fruits, nuts, soft cheeses, this will allow a rich taste to open. Wine is produced at 4 factories in the region, but it is in Khvanchkara that the oldest enterprise is located, where they make a truly noble drink.

A visit to Ambrolauri in the Racha region of Georgia is an exciting journey for every tourist. Amazing nature, ancient sights, cultural heritage and great wine, which has no equal in the world - all this awaits the traveler in these parts. And the hospitable and cordial people will make the trip especially pleasant, because it is in Rache that the most good-natured people live throughout the country.