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About Georgia

Georgia is an amazing and mysterious country, pleasant to rest in at any time of the year. Its ancient history is perfectly preserved in temples and myths. It is famous for its resorts, mild climate, and warm sea. This is a country of flowers, heartwarming songs and dizzying dances. It is inhabited by hospitable and sympathetic people who love guests and treat them as good old friends. In no other country, will you see so many smiles, or taste such amazing wine and incredibly delicious dishes of local cuisine.

You can understand what Georgia is from an old but wise legend.

‘‘Long, long ago, God decided to distribute land among nations. It turned out that the Georgians had failed to come on time for the distribution. When they appeared before God and began to ask the land for their people, God asked for an explanation of the reason for their being late. It turned out that the Georgians had decided to make a stop on the way to celebrate the creation of the world. During the festival, they proclaimed toasts, praising the Almighty. This explanation was after God's heart, so He rewarded them with a piece of paradise He had meant to keep for Himself. ’’

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Our portal specializes only in one direction - Solar Georgia! We are offering our guests the best possible selection of tours, excursions and other services in Georgia from trusted suppliers. We provide usability, secure booking and confidence in your choice.

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