The port city in the south of Georgia, not far from the Turkish border, it can rightly be considered one of the most beautiful and largest tourist centers, both in Georgia and the entire Black Sea coast. Batumi is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara.

The city has a rich history. Even during the time of Aristotle, there was a port here, later captured many times by the Turks, after the Russian-Turkish war of 1877, withdrew to the Russian Empire, was occupied by the British for some time, and in 1921 became part of Soviet Georgia before independence.

The population of about 155,000 people are Georgians, Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians, Abkhaz, Greeks, Turks. The total area of ​​the city is about 65 square meters. km The bulk of the population is the parishioners of the Georgian Orthodox Church, but the city also has a mosque, a synagogue, and Armenian and Greek churches.

Climate in Batumi and Adjara

Subtropical, the average level of relative humidity is 70-80%. The average daily temperature in July and August is 22.6 - 23.1 ° C, compared to 28.3 - 27.8 ° C in Antalya, for example, that is, the summer is hot, but not so much that you cannot go to the beach during the day or just go to the walk.

Beaches Batumi

You can start swimming from the end of May to the end of September, sometimes October can be a bathing month, if during the summer the water warms up well. The beaches in Batumi are mostly sand with pebbles, so for swimming it is better to have beach shoes, and the sand can be very hot. The beach itself is quite wide and long, with all water attractions such as jet skis, bananas and parachutes, etc. On the adjacent to the dense boulevard you can rent from a scooter to an electric scooter. There are practically no closed or paid beaches.

The coastal boulevard itself (about 8 km.) Stretches parallel to the sea and along its entire length there are restaurants, cafes, parks, children's attractions, photographers and much more.

Truly clean beaches are to be found outside the city limits, where they have retained, to a greater extent, their useful qualities and natural emerald hue.


You can get to Batumi by both air and water transport. Batumi Airport and the seaport are located at the very exit of the city, so you won't have to travel far.

Public transport is represented by neat buses and minibuses that run on a schedule and quite often. For tourists, stops are duplicated in English. Taxis can be called or found on the street in any part of the city. There are taxi services such as: Yandex Taxi, Taxi Maxim, Eco taxi, London

Infrastructure, architecture museums and temples of Batumi

Modern Georgia is investing a lot of manpower and resources in the development of tourism, and this has particularly affected Batumi. Over the past 10 years, the city was transformed and transformed every year. From a launched port to a state-of-the-art resort with a lot of entertainment and a wide network of hotels: Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson and many other international networks, even Donald Trump started building the Trump Tower, but the object was not completed and has now changed its owners and name.

Formally, the city can be divided into two parts: the old and the new Batumi. You can get from one part to another in 5 minutes by car, if without traffic jams or even on foot.

Despite the rapid development, the objects of antiquity are preserved. For more than 100 years, the old city of Batumi has not changed. Here styles from different times and cultures are mixed: Georgian, Ottoman, English colonial, Soviet. On the paved streets, the streets of the old city are many restaurants and cafes, a huge number of artisans with handicrafts and just souvenirs. Here is the main part of the outstanding masterpieces of architecture. Especially surprising is the combination of two different architectural styles, Asian and European. In the evening, vacationers can enjoy the views of historic buildings, which with the help of lighting look the most impressive. In Batumi, there are samples of Catholic and Orthodox churches, made in different style decisions, such as the Church of St. Nicholas, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Among the Arab architecture stands the Orta Jame Mosque (the construction has miraculously survived to our time).

Especially popular places are the famous square of Europe, the Piazza and the singing fountains. Between the seaside and the old boulevards there is a park with a lot of entertainment and a mini zoo. Restaurants, bars, casinos, discos, sports fields, fountains, seaside boulevard, stretching along the beach across the city, creative solutions of modern designers from around the world, combined with subtropical flora and restored ancient architecture give the city a unique flavor.

Cultural program and entertainment in Batumi

Batumi is one of the cultural centers of Georgia. Especially in the summer festivals are held in the city: the international jazz festival, the festival of classical music "Batumi Music Fest", electronic music, author's cinema "BIAFF" and animated films "Topousi".

During the season, the concert program is rich, you can see and hear a variety of artists, such as: American rapper Snoop Dogg, FAITHLESS, Al Jarreau, Macy Gray, Potap and Nastya and Ocean Elzy, Lisa Stansfield Parov Stellar, Solar Eclipse, LAID BACK, RONE, Maroon 5, Jamiroquai ...

In Batumi there is a dolphinarium, an aquapark with eight slides, swimming pools and various attractions, in the territory there are cafes where you can eat. The water park itself has a spa with a variety of treatments, such as Turkish massage, peeling, etc.

Botanical Garden is one of those places worth visiting. It is located in the suburbs and you can go there by bus or use one of the taxi services.

For young people and nightlife lovers there are casinos and night clubs where you can relax all night. One of the discos is located in the Vox high-rise building and is notable for the fact that the entire discotheque, that is, the upper floor of the building, slowly rotates around its axis, revealing a view of the city or the sea hiding behind the horizon. Also there is a restaurant.

It is also worth looking at the mountainous part of Ajara and heading towards the Mahunceti Falls or to Machakhela Park. Leaving the city in 20 minutes you will find yourself in a completely different area on a mountain serpentine among gorges and forests. On the route there is a wine house and a private wine farm, where you will be delighted and for a small fee will be offered to taste the local wines, which can be tasted only here.

Restaurants where you can try the local cuisine and "Kalmakhi" is a river forrel, which is caught in local rivers. If you are by car, you can easily get to yourself or order on this site in the excursion section.

For sports enthusiasts there are tennis courts, football, beach volleyball, water skiing, table tennis and billiard tables. You can go on trekking routes in the mountains of Adjara, ride horses or paraglide.

Prices for housing in Batumi

There are many accommodation facilities in the city, from high-end chain hotels to a bed in a hostel. But the main segment is small or family hotels, apartment hotels, just apartments for a day, rooms in guest houses. As in any resort town, the hottest prices are in season, and this is from the beginning of July to August inclusive.

Prices for hotels in Batumi are approximately as follows: 5 * from $ 120, 4 * from $ 70, 3 * from $ 45, 2 * from $ 15.

Apartments (studio 25- 35m2) in the first / second line will cost + $ 25 in April / May, and in July / August already ~ $ 60.

From the beginning of September, prices will decline again. Earlier, the booking gives you the opportunity to reduce the price and get the best conditions

Restaurants, cafes, kitchen.

Georgia is known for its cuisine and in Batumi you will find everything, but to all this, Adjara has its own local dishes that can be found in almost any restaurant. But if you want to taste the local dishes in all their uniqueness, then you need to know the places, or go on a gastronomic excursion, for example, to the highlands, where you can taste the whole range of dishes made from "organic" products. There are many restaurants and cafes in the city with reasonable prices. The farther from the coastline, the prices are lower.