Every tourist, arriving in Georgia, begins to get acquainted with this wonderful sunny country from the capital - the city of Tbilisi. Here you can, at a minimum, have a fun weekend, and the maximum program for travelers who come on vacation for a week or two is to get to know the surroundings and neighboring regions. It is no secret that holidays in Tbilisi are bright emotions, cordial meetings with the local hospitable population, original culture, delicious cuisine and wine made according to ancient traditions, as well as the warm sea and snow-capped mountains within a few hundred kilometers from the capital of Georgia.

The company "Sunny Georgia Travel" offers you to forget about the difficulties of everyday life and to organize a vacation full of impressions, to take a break from worries and get a lot of emotions saturated with colors. Not for nothing that the name of the metropolis translates as "warm source." A trip to Tbilisi, in addition to a positive mood, will delight you with a pleasant price, because the prices for accommodation and food here are quite affordable.

Morning Tbilisi

A little story about the capital of sunny Georgia

The city was founded in the IV-V century and during the whole time it was considered the cultural and economic center of the state. Earlier, Mtskheta was the capital, but in the 6th century, this status was finally entrenched for Tbilisi’s tourism, which is actively developing today, and modern high-tech buildings are being built along with old architectural monuments. According to legend, the first fortress was built by King Vakhtang Gorgasali, who found sulfur springs, and decided to found a city in their vicinity.

After Tbilisi, the rule of many different conquerors, and everyone who wanted to unite the Georgian lands, initially sought to settle in the capital. Moreover, the settlement has an important strategic location between Europe and Asia. This also explains the diversity of the city’s architecture, from the spacious Rustaveli Avenue to the narrow European-style streets that have been preserved in the Narikala area since the Middle Ages. By the way, earlier the capital of the Georgian state was called Tiflis.

Famous cultural figures of the past centuries sang and called this land “magic”: Mikhail Lermontov, Boris Pasternak, Alexander Griboedov, Anton Chekhov, Sergey Yesenin, Alexander Pushkin, Peter Tchaikovsky and other famous creative personalities.

Rest in Georgia in Tbilisi - climatic conditions

The winter is mild here, and the summer is warm and very long. The climate is considered moderately continental. Humidity per year is on average 67%. Snowfalls and hard frosts are rare here, in February the temperature varies around + 3С. From April to June - the most rainy season. The height of summer is June, July and August. These months are quite warm - 21.7 ° C, 24.9 ° C and 24.7 ° C, respectively. Walking around the city in the summer is recommended in the morning or in the evening. In the daytime it is better to avoid direct sunlight.

Sights of Tbilisi

They will not be lost sight of, because the metropolis is literally littered with various interesting locations, monuments, old houses, temples, parks and other objects that you must visit when you are there. In Tbilisi, the sights are concentrated in the “Old City” district and along Shota Rustaveli Avenue. The length of the latter is 1.5 km and every second or third building that caught the eye of the tourist left a mark on the history of the capital.

Tbilisi Lift

On Rustaveli Avenue is located:

Drama Theater Alexander Griboyedov (№2 / 4).

State Museum of Georgia (№3).

Palace of Count Vorontsov (№6).

Parliament (near the palace).

Theater them. Shota Rustaveli (№17).

Tiflis Passage (No. 37).

The Church of St. George - Kashveti (opposite the Parliament).

The Griboedov Drama Theater has been operating since 1932, and the first troupe performed here in the middle of the nineteenth century. Therefore, if you are interested in cultural rest in Georgia in Tbilisi, we advise you to visit him and his theater. Shota Rustaveli, whose history is also very rich, because it was founded in the XIX century by Count Vorontsov. What is remarkable, on his initiative performances here were carried out in Georgian.

You also can not pass by the palace of Count Vorontsov. The tsar's governor paid special attention to the interior, as a result of which the castle strikes with beauty - elegant chandeliers, gilded patterns and bronze candlesticks clearly attract the attention of visitors. A wonderful garden has been planted around the estate.

Note that the prices for holidays in Tbilisi, if you go to study monuments of architecture and attractions, will be low, because entrance tickets are inexpensive. In some cases, a visit fee is not charged at all.

We will continue the trip along Rustaveli Avenue and pay attention to Tiflis Passage. This is a building with a unique architecture, built in 1915. The windows in it are made in the form of drops of tears. The patron of the arts Alexander Melik-Azaryan ordered the construction of the house in memory of his daughter.

The Church of St. George is considered a copy of the Samtavisi Church - the standard of the architecture of Christian Georgia. Built in 1910. Its facade is decorated with original carved stone lace. Inside it is painted by the recognized master of painting Lado Gudiashvili. As for the Parliament, the building functioned until 2012. After moving to Kutaisi, it was destroyed from the inside. Now there is a reconstruction of the building.

Fans of exploring the ancient exhibits should visit the oldest and largest in the Caucasus State Museum. It presents valuable exhibits and relics dating back to the 2nd century BC, prototypes of ancient people, as well as a selection of coins and weapons.

Sights of the "Old City":

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Dzveli Kalaki.



Fortress Narikala.

Metekhsky castle.

Pl. Vakhtang Gorgasali.


Presidential palace.

Sulfur baths.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

To inspect all this and guaranteed not to lose sight of anything, it is possible to book excursions, which will not affect the cost of rest in Tbilisi. At the same time you will get acquainted with the ancient legends associated with these places and learn their history. For example, according to legend, in the Metekhi Castle, Queen Tamara prayed. The mosque is the only Islamic building in the city. The Church of the Virgin Mary is the oldest building (about 1500 years old), in which the icon was kept from the Anchi Cathedral during the Ottoman aggression.

A funicular, commissioned in 1905, was installed on Mount Mtatsminda. He worked for almost 100 years, until 2000, after which he got a restoration. He earned again in January 2013. He has 3 stations, 8 people fit in the cab, and he moves at a speed of 2 m / s. From the mountain you will see the city in all its glory, admire the picturesque panorama and have fun in the amusement park.

The area of ​​Dzveli Kalaki is notable for the abundance of cobbled brick winding streets with medieval facades, and the Narikala fortress is considered to be the heart and soul of the Georgian capital. This is an ancient fortification, the exact time of occurrence of which is not known. To it leads the street-staircase Bethlehem (Bethlehem). The modern look of the fortress has been preserved from the XVII-XVIII centuries. As a result of the earthquake of 1827, it was significantly damaged, after which it was capitalized and restored.

The famous sulfur baths are located in the old part of the city. The buildings that the modern tourist sees in front of him were built in the 19th century. Despite their age, they are quite comfortable and are of high quality service. By the way, it is recommended to ascend to the sacred mountain of Mzatmind only after visiting the sulfur baths.

Rest in Georgia in Tbilisi - what else is worth seeing:

Colon St. George on Freedom Square.

Puppet Theater.

Museum of Art on Pushkin Street.

Tsminda Sameba.

Cathedral of the Armenian.

Bridge of Peace.

Palace "Sachino".

Street Shardeni.

Avlabari district.

Bronze sculptures and installations around the city.

When ordering tours in Tbilisi on our website, you can also choose some rich and productive excursions around the city, because the objects we have listed are not all that you can pay attention to in the capital of sunny Georgia.

Rest in Tbilisi for the New Year - in the best traditions of Georgian fun

At this time you can enjoy the beauty of the winter city and spend a bright festive night in a traditional Georgian restaurant you like. Toasts, contests and various positive events are waiting for you. Of course, what a holiday without delicious food and wine. Gastronomic tourists definitely have a reason to go to Georgia. At the same time enjoy the legendary Georgian hospitality.

Of course, prices for hotels in Tbilisi on New Year's Eve, like any other city, are higher than on ordinary days, but this fact should not embarrass you, all the more so thanks to the tour operator Sunny Georgia Travel you will find the right option without any problems. In the New Year period in the capital, as a rule, it is dry and cool, from -5 C at night to + 4 C in the daytime. Snow and rain are almost never, but a strong gusty wind is possible.

The fun in the city begins in the evening of December 31. There is much to go here regardless of the format of your trip, so in Tbilisi you will surely spend your holidays with children, with friends or with your loved one bright and rich. Little tourists are entertained by Georgian Grandfather Frost - Tovlis Babua. Traditional restaurants offer a wide range of dishes and drinks. Entertainment programs include dancing, toast and live music, which will certainly give you a great mood. On the Rustaveli Avenue, "New Year villages" are waiting for the guests. Also, many tourists can be found on Freedom Square and in the park Mtatsminda. Fairs and souvenir shops here at every step.

As for the kitchen, each catering establishment offers you a tight and tasty meal. However, in order to choose food according to the “wallet size”, our company advises you to look for a cafe in a cozy quiet place where there are no tourists. Agree, although the prices for holidays in Georgia Tbilisi are very affordable, it will not hurt to save money. In places filled with travelers, the cost of meals is higher, and the taste may not be the best.

A recommendation from Sunny Georgia Travel: a cafe in the area of ​​the Marionette Theater, which has been open since 1996. They cook traditional dishes excellently and offer a wide range of wines. The interior was made according to sketches by script writer Gabriadze, whom domestic tourists know from the cinematographic works of George Danelia "Kin-dza-dza", "Mimino" and "Do not Cry."

How much is the rest in Tbilisi - choose hotels

In order for the journey to bring positive emotions - you need to find a comfortable accommodation, because the quality of your vacation depends on the living conditions. The choice of rental apartments in the city is the broadest, therefore, people who come to a family friendly holiday in Tbilisi with children and a large cheerful company with the aim of having a bright and active time will be able to find a suitable option. Hotels in the capital are of any format, including world brands - Marriott and Radisson.

Pricing policy for renting rooms per day:

5 * - from $ 150.

4 * - from $ 50.

3 * - from $ 30.

The private sector - from $ 20.

Hostels - up to $ 20.

Naturally, it is best to book your accommodation in advance if you are sure that you will go to rest exactly here. The listed prices are minimal, and they usually increase in the summer or due to holidays. Nevertheless, tourism in Georgia is actively promoted, developed and maintained at all stages, so the country is accessible to both wealthy travelers and budget travelers.

Active holidays in Tbilisi - options for extreme tourists

If you are interested in the drive, and the rest minutes are quickly disheartened, we recommend visiting the amusement park and attractions of Bombora Here you will find a variety of merry-go-rounds, so if you come to Georgia with children, you should also go here. In addition, the park is equipped with unusual structures, sculptures and fountains.

It is also notable for the fact that a special card is used to visit, which is bought for 1 GEL. As such, entrance tickets to the territory of the recreation area is not, so you can go here for free. The tourist puts on the purchased card as much money as he plans to spend on entertainment. This approach is beneficial because it allows everyone to visit the park, even those who are not interested in rides.

Sunny Georgia Travel offers a bright and intense vacation in Tbilisi

If you monitor the Internet, you can make sure that the reviews about holidays in Tbilisi will almost always be positive. This is due to affordable prices, hospitality of Georgians, developed infrastructure, delicious food and plenty of entertainment for every taste. In winter, you can go to the ski resort from the capital, and in the summer to the warm sea, and in the city itself there are plenty of opportunities to have a great weekend or weekly vacation.

Book a tour to this warm sunny city and see for yourself the high quality of holidays in Georgia!