Located in the north-western part of Georgia, the administrative center of the Samegrelo and Zemo-Svaneti region with a population of about 75 thousand people and a total area of ​​17 square meters. km The distance to the sea is 30 km, to the capital 300 km. The height above the sea is about 110 meters. The status of the city was obtained in 1918, at the end of the XIX century about 1000 people lived here - around the residence of the princes Dadiani. Therefore, modern Zugdidi is almost 99% new building.

The Megrels, the nationality living in this territory, has its own language, the Zugdid dialect is considered to be a reference one. The majority of the population understands Russian, especially those over 35, generally with the younger generation, will be easier in English (this applies to the whole country).

About Zugdidi

The city center is a boulevard 511 meters long, connecting two squares. The southern square with a fountain can be called the center, the Samegrelo administration is located there, most banks, shops, pharmacies, beauty salons and several good restaurants, most hotels are also located in the boulevard area.

On the other side of Zugdidsky Boulevard is a new square with fountains and a roller park, there is also a newly built ice palace, where you can skate at any time of the year.

How to get there?

Since this is a fairly large city, getting there is not a problem, both by train and by shuttle. From the Zugdidi railway station, trains in the Tbilisi direction run twice a day. Most of the minibuses on Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi are located there. If you need a minibus in Svaneti, then they drive off from the parking lot behind the central market.

The bulk of Zugdidi tourists are transit ones, going either to the sea to Anaklia or to the mountains of Svaneti.

A tour of the surroundings or a transfer from Zugdidi in any direction can be booked on our website.

Sights of Zugdidi

• Dadiani Palace

Passing through the central boulevard, you will get to the roller park and the ice palace. Behind them is the residence of the princes Dadiani. The palace and park complex, dating back to the 17th century, is quite well-kept. In the palace there is a museum that can be visited during the daytime (tickets are sold at the entrance). The atmosphere and life preserved and give a visual representation of how the princely family lived. There you can see one of the three death masks of Napoleon Bonaparte and many other interesting antiquities. One of the favorite places of local youth is the palace park. Princess Megrelia Dadiani was created in the middle of the XIX century, who invited famous European gardeners for this. Today the garden is Zugdidi Botanical Garden.

• Neighborhood

There are places around the city itself that can be visited: Ruhskaya Fortress, Assumption Cathedral, Chakvinji Fortress, Inguri Hydroelectric Power Plant (the structure includes a 271.5 meters long dam), Intra Canyon (with a cave and a unique natural composition that includes stalagmites, stalactites, helictites) with a 26-meter waterfall, White Castle, dating from I-III centuries, near the resort of Skury.

Perhaps from a tourist point of view, this is not the most remarkable city in Georgia, but you will be able to spend an exciting couple of days. There are in Zugdidi hotels, hostels and guest houses in case you have to stay there, some good restaurants and cafes that work late. The most famous dishes of the Megrels are kupaty, kuchmachi, roasted pig, satsivi, Megrelian khachapuri or, even better, khachapuri royally.