Balneological resort on the beach, attracts tourists looking for a relaxing holiday with family and health recovery.

Rest will delight you with clean sea water and fresh healing air, filled with pine and eucalyptus scents from the forest belt, stretching along the coast.

Natural food from nearby rural farmsteads, in combination with mineral waters and locally produced wines - will not only bring gastronomic pleasure, but also contribute to a general increase in the body's energy.

How to get there?

Located between Batumi and Poti, closer to Poti. From Batumi is only 55 km. There is a railway (4 km to the train station), bus routes to the neighboring cities. You can also order a car anywhere in Georgia or even to neighboring countries.

You can get there by bus, by train or taxi from Batumi, Poti, Kutaisi.


In historical times, it was the residence of high officials of the Georgian Republic. And in Soviet times, in the village of Magnetite there was a sanatorium for children with bone diseases. The terrain is famous for therapeutic magnetic sand. They learned about the peculiarities of black sand by chance, drawing attention to the healing of some of the prisoners who worked in Ureki.

Sanatorium "Kolkhida", located on the territory of the town, offers clients, among other services, therapeutic baths in the healing sand.

Black magnetic beach, washed by the Black Sea, stretches for five km. The composition of the beach sand includes magnetite in the form of black fine fractions emitting a weak magnetic field. The field of medicine that cures diseases with a magnetic field is called magnetic therapy.

For those who decided to improve their health in Ureki, the list of indications for treatment with magnetic therapy using sand:

• cardiovascular disorders, including ischemic heart disease and hypertension;

• diseases of the nervous system: depression, neurosis, neuralgia;

• bone diseases: osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, chronic rheumatism and chronic infectious polyarthritis;

• urogenital dysfunctions;

• childhood diseases: cerebral palsy and birth injuries, rickets and poliomyelitis.

Contraindications to magnetic therapy relate to patients who have:

- blood diseases;

- Malignant neoplasms;

- tuberculosis;

- moderate and severe bronchial asthma.

How to properly treat?

Dig a hole in the sand and wait for the sun to warm it up thoroughly. Sit in a warm hole and dig in the sand without closing the heart area. Sit like this for 10 or 15 minutes. Get out of the sand bath and walk an hour and a half to fix the result.


Small, sandy spit goes into the water. The coast is very flat, and in order to go at least to the waist, you will have to walk 300 meters. For a child’s bathing, this is the most acceptable option. The beach pleases cleanliness, patrolled by police on a quad bike, rescuers are also in place. There are showers, though paid, about 20 cents (the water there is really cold). Mattresses, swimming circles, umbrellas - all this can be bought on site or rented, there is a parking lot nearby.

If you still want a normal swim, you should go to Badri Patarkatsishvili Park. It is allowed to drive into this place directly by car and stay with a tent. The territory is guarded. Free admission.

Pine and eucalyptus forests in a company with black sand run along the coast in a strip, almost reaching Kobuleti.


The warmest month of the year is August. During the day, the air heats up to 28 degrees, and by night it drops to 21. The sea is also very warm - about 26 degrees. May is the driest month, and November is the rainiest. These figures relate to heavy and medium rainfall, drizzling rain does not count.


The cost of the voucher, including room and board, depends on the month for which you have planned your vacation. High season starts in May and usually ends in early October. Although it happens that the pleasant weather lasts until November.

The highest prices for holidays fall at the peak of the season: from mid-July to late August. The number of tourists during this period is the largest.

Prices for housing in the private sector start from 20 GEL per person, that is, per bed, as a rule, there is a common kitchen and bathroom. In some mini-hotels there are the same conditions of accommodation. As for hotels, the prices start from 80 GEL for the simplest room, an average of about 120 GEL for a double room with all the facilities, many hotels provide one or two meals a day for an additional charge of about 10-15 GEL per day.

You can independently rent hotel rooms, sanatoriums or in the private sector using our website. To do this, request a call back or leave a request for the numbers and hotel you are interested in.

A good option to plan a vacation in September. The weather is not so hot, there are fewer people, and housing prices are somewhat reduced, by this time all the fruits are ripening, such as figs, which are not always available in August, grapes and much more, are not expensive at all.


• Georgia almost does not use fertilizers and pesticides, so be sure of the naturalness of the products, just make sure that the products are local.

• Georgian lari are in use here. The money that you take with you, it is better to change in large cities, because there are not many exchange points. Paying with a bank card in a place is also not very good, priority is in cash.