First of all, Bakuriani is a ski resort, but not everyone knows that in summer this is a great location for recreation. The Georgian government has invested more than $ 2 billion in the development of ski resorts over the past 10 years. Now it is a modern resort, rightfully considered to be one of the most developed and equipped mountain resorts in the entire Caucasus region, ready to receive guests not only in winter, but also in summer!

General information

The urban type settlement is located with a population of 2500 people at an altitude of 1.8 km above sea level. This resort is the oldest in the Caucasus. The first to pay attention to him were still members of the imperial Romanov family at the end of the XIX century. They invited Gustav Eiffel, the one who built the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to design and build a bridge between Bakuriani and Borjomi.

Since the 1930s, the location has been intensively developed because it was here that Olympic athletes were trained. Even then, the Bakuriani ski resort in Georgia began to host competitions of various levels in winter sports - biathlon and skiing, slalom, bobsled and ski jumping.

Weather in Bakuriani

The climate is mild, with an average winter temperature of -5–7 ° C and 10-11 ° C below zero at night. There are 210 sunny days a year. Despite being in the subtropical belt there is no dampness, high mountains surrounding the location protect from strong winds. The snow cover is quite stable 50-65 cm. Also, plus the fact that avalanches are a rarity here. The ski season starts at the end of November and lasts until the end of March, sometimes beginning of April. The best month for a winter holiday is February. The largest number of sunny days and the best snow is in February;)

In summer, average temperatures are 20-22 C in the afternoon and 12-14 at night. There is little precipitation. The mountains surrounding the town, immersed in coniferous forests, create a unique microclimate. The best months for summer holidays: July / August.

How to get there? - There are 3 options:

On the shuttle bus

Taxi or transfer

Train to Borjomi + narrow gauge railway

Distance to Bakuriani and transfer fee:

LocationDistance Time

Minibus1-3 people  4-6 people7-18 people
Tbilisi180 km3 hours20130160200
Kutaisi160km3 hours15120150180
Batumi300km5 hours30150190300
Borjomi27 km1 hour52550100
Khashuri55 km1,5 hours55085120

Prices are in the GEL

Minibuses from Tbilisi go from the station "Didube" from 7:00 to 18:00

From Kutaisi, Batumi and other locations - again from the bus station.

By the way, if you arrive late, but you want to get to the destination exactly today, then in "Didube" even at night you can find privateers collecting group transfers in almost all directions! Type Bla Bla Car, Georgian version with reference to the place.

Rental housing in Bakuriani and infrastructure

The town consists of two streets. One that is smaller stretches across the entire town. The second, considered to be central, goes around the resort in an arc. It also houses the most comfortable hotels, shops, pharmacies, etc. On the smaller street, everything is fine too - there are restaurants of Georgian and Ukrainian cuisine, markets, etc.

In fact, the city has everything for living and comfortable rest: shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, sauna, billiards, entertainment centers and even a casino.

In total, more than 300 accommodation facilities for tourists with different budgets: guest houses, apartments, chalets, and hotels of various sizes and comfort.

Approximate prices for accommodation:

Guest houses from ~ $ 20 per person

Mini hotel / Apartment from ~ $ 50 room per night

Comfortable hotels from ~ $ 100 per night

Prices are indicated in the low winter season and depending on dates may vary. In summer prices will be much lower as demand is less in summer.

Many guest houses provide catering.

The most expensive hotels in Bakuriani are located in the southern part, closer to the cable car "Didveli". Also very popular guest houses at the foot closer to the lifts.

Bakuriani ski slopes, lifts, circuit pattern

The total length of trails is 16 km. 5.4 km blue; 6.8 km - red; 3.8 km black.

- “Plateau” or “Twenty Fives” - a track for beginners with a length of 300 meters and a tilt angle of 10 ° -12 ° degrees. It is located almost in the city, equipped with rope tows and is designed for those who just got on the skis.

- “Kokhta-1” is a difficult one, recommended for experienced skiers. Height is 2155 meters. The two-step descent, the first 500 meters, is a steep “black” section of the course, moments with an angle of up to 52 °, then a “red” kilometer section. Equipped with a chair lift.

- “Kokhta-2” or “Mitarbi” - for experienced skiers, 3.5 km long, with alternating sections of varying difficulty. Height is 2269 meters. Equipped with 2 drag lifts, each station has WiFi. At the top station there is an observation deck.

- “Didveli” - a new route with a panoramic observation platform at the top station at an altitude of 2702. The route consists of 3 levels of varying difficulty. The first level is blue. Lifting there in comfortable cabins on the gondola cable car. Next come the red and black ones. for experienced skiers. You can get to level 2 on an open cable car. At the 3rd level - the bow. At each station there are cafes with the Internet where you can have a snack or drink warm mulled wine. A playground is equipped at the lower station and the track for sledging starts right there.

A well-equipped, modern and comfortable track will suit both experienced skiers and amateurs.

- For lovers of cross-country skiing, there is a 13 km long trail leading to the Tskhratskaro pass to an altitude of 2,780 meters.

Also Bakuriani ski will offer you 3 jumps - 45, 70 and 90 meters.

For freeride and backcountry almost 20 km of "virgin". Few, where you can ride, forgetting about the dangers, on the forest mountain slopes or siganut to the top of the mountain directly from the helicopter. Here it is possible! For those who are looking for adrenaline and self-confident, heli-ski from ~ $ 650 is available.

The total number of lifts from the best modern manufacturers that serve -12 skiers, of which: 1 gondola, 3 chairlifts and 8 ski lifts.

Every day from 10:00 to 17:00 and from December 30, lifts work until 22:00.

For the day and evening there will be two different ski passes: the day from 10:00 to 17:00 and evening skiing 17:00 - 22:00

Equipment rental and ski pass

Skis can be rented from each lift, prices are slightly different from place to place, but the cheapest will be in the town itself.

Prices for ski equipment and snowboards:

Skis, poles and boots ..... 1 hour - from 10 GEL, a day from 20 GEL

Snowboard and boots .......... 1 hour - from 15 GEL, day from 30 GEL

Helmet, glasses ........................ from 5 GEL per unit

Sledge ................................. 1 hour - from 3, day from 10 GEL

Regarding the Ski pass - the lowest prices for the Plateau or Twenty Fives hoist are 50 tetri per tow and 1 GEL for the chairlift.

Prices for climbing the rest of Bakuriani ski slopes:

Food in Bakuriani

In the town there are about a dozen cafes and restaurants, mainly Georgian cuisine, but there are also European and Ukrainian cuisines. Prices loyal for ~ $ 10 per person you can eat well with wine. There are several bakeries where you can buy various khachapuri and pastries. Several online store with a good selection at Tbilisi prices.

Most tourists prefer to eat at their hotels and guest houses. Most of them provide food. Breakfast is usually included in the price. You can also agree on additional meals. Prices for their lodger are very reasonable. And the more the object where you stay, the more varied the menu, the buffet is very popular.

Après-ski in or what else to do there?

Georgian ski resort Bakuriani provides a lot of entertainment for its guests. Let not such a scale as the old European, but there is everything to spend a fun and interesting time after skiing. First of all, if you are not familiar well with Georgian cuisine and wine - this gap should be filled!

Toboggan - Something like a roller coaster, which is located on the mountainside. Open cabin, standing on the rails. You sit in it and go down the winding route, while you have a lever to slow down and slow down. If you give a normal acceleration - adrenaline impressions provided.

Horse ride - there is an opportunity to rent horses and ride around the neighborhood. This entertainment is more relevant in the summer. In winter, you can ride in harnessed sleds.

Ice skating - there is a skating rink and the opportunity to rent skates

Snow motorcycles and ATVs - is in any part of the resort. It costs from 50 GEL

Cycle through the neighborhood or through the Trialeti Range - possibly only in summer

Paraplaning - more extreme entertainment available all year round.

Heli ski or helicopter flight

The trip to Borzhomi on Kukushka - the old narrow-gauge railway between Bakuriani and Borjomi has been preserved and restored. The length of 38 km. Through the picturesque forests of the gorge about 2.5 hours one way. Really very beautiful, but I advise you to go on a sunny day. In Borjomi, if you are not too lazy, you can swim in warm pools with mineral water Borzhomi)). They are located at the end of the park, which is about 3 km on foot, but it is also possible on quad bikes.

Excursion from Bakuriani is a good option to diversify your vacation and learn something new. It is worth going to:

1. Kutaisi, Prometheus Cave, ancient temples and the city itself.

2. Akhaltsikhe, the ancient Ottoman fortress of Rabat and / or the cave city of Vardzia, carved into the rock, where thousands of people could live.

Going to the cinema is a cinema where I show films in Russian and Georgian.

The casino is the place that the rare ski resort boasts!

Bakuriani as a health resort

As a health resort with a mild, dry climate, it has been known for a long time. High-altitude air is saturated with aromas of needles. Delightful views of the mountain peaks and slopes, densely covered with not only coniferous, but also deciduous species of trees. The combination of all these factors creates a kind of healing microclimate useful for people with lung diseases such as: various types of bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rehabilitation after pleurisy and many other broncho-pulmonary diseases.

In Soviet times, doctors sent both children and adults suffering from chronic lung diseases to areas with a temperate climate and the prevalence of coniferous forests, including Bakuriani.

Residents of Georgia are aware of the benefits of the local climate and try to send their children at least once every 2-3 years to recuperate in Bakuriani and its surroundings such as Tsagveri, Tsemi, Borjomi. Especially adolescents in a period of intensive growth. He believes that it is necessary to spend at the resort of 14 or more days for a tangible effect and come 2 or better 3 years in a row. There are numerous mineral springs in the area, such as Mitarbi, Borjomi and many more little-known. Again in Soviet times there were many sanatoriums, which only recently began to rebuild. Whatever the town is known as a place healthy. The Romanov family spent months here for precisely this purpose, because they did not take a great interest in alpine skiing then.

Bakuriani vs Gudauri: where to go with children?

Tourists often have a question: What to choose Bakuriani or Gudauri?

The answer depends on who is driving and what is the purpose of the trip?

If you are an avid lover of steep slopes and mountain peaks - you in Gudauri.

If you want to combine skiing, recreation and generally prefer a more relaxing holiday, then you will be in Bakuriani.

And if you are traveling with children, then, clearly, better than Bakuriani

Firstly - it is healthier (in Gudauri there is no forest)

Secondly - more entertainment than skiing.

Thirdly, prices in Bakuriani are slightly lower.

Bakuriani is an excellent winter resort, which will please both active ski lovers and fans of a quiet family holiday.