A small village at the foot of the Likhi Range, which divided the country into two parts - the eastern and the western, is located in the very depths of Georgia. Only 9.8 thousand of locals, the rest - tourists, lovers of travel and adventure.

Interesting and "healthy" vacation in Surami

About Surami as a resort has been known since 1801, when the country became part of the Russian Empire. This period - the beginning of the rapid development of the village. At that time, canneries and wineries were opened, quartz, low-hydrogen hydrogen mineral water were produced, and sanatoriums were built.

Suramsky pine forest, creating a pleasant coniferous aroma around the village, has become a place for tent cities. Tourists stop here to improve their health and become better acquainted with the culture of Georgia.

The resort is popular with the local population with lung diseases, especially useful time - late spring, early summer.

People from all over the world come here not only for a breath of healthy air, but also for vivid impressions of historical places.

The main attractions of Surami

Surami Fortress

Among the famous tourist “stops” is the famous Surami Fortress, built around the XII century, at the beginning of the feudal era. It is located on the cliffs and occupied an area of ​​1200 square meters. The Surami Fortress played an important role in the history of Georgia, having withstood many sieges of enemies.

Church of St. George and the Virgin

From the fortress offers a breathtaking view of the church of St. George, built in the XVII century. This is definitely worth a look. It looks like an unremarkable building with silver domes and modest crosses on them, inside ancient icons. In the local church shop you can buy candles, worn crosses, lamp oil, icons, etc. The Church of Our Lady is located on a hill, which is no less attractive to guests by Suras.

Museum L. Ukrainka

Few people know that the last years of the famous Ukrainian writer Lesia Ukrainka were held in Surami. After the death of the poetess, a monument was opened, and in 1952 a house-museum with a library was created.

How to get there?

The town is located on the highway Tbilisi-Akhaltsikhe, 5 km from Khashuri, 125 km from Tbilisi. Surami is a small village, so transport is limited. This is the end station of the main branch of urban railway transport.

The settlement grew so much over time that it practically became a suburb of Khashuri. You can get to the village in 20 minutes by city tram, or by bus, which leaves the station every 30 minutes.

From Tbilisi to Khashuri you can get by car, by shuttle bus (about 2 hours), also by the Tbilisi-Kutaisi train, which stops in the city.