New ski resort in the highland of Adjara, Georgia. Opened in 2015/16 season. A special feature of "Goderdzi" is the climate and proximity to the sea - only 100 km., Which is a rarity that greatly affects the quantity and quality of snow. Already in December, a few meters of snow cover. Proximity to the sea makes "Sea" snow soft and light.

Briefly about the main thing:

    Skiing season 2017/2018: ~ December 10 ~ March 25

    Total length of active tracks: 18 km

    Resort heights: 1700 - 2400 m. Above sea level

    Elevation difference: 678 m

    The longest track: 7 km

    Level of trails: blue / red / black

    Lifts: Doppelmayer

    Number of lifts: 2 gondola and chair

    Total area of ​​the resort Goderdzi: 700 hectares

    The territory of the ski area: 670 hectares.

Trails on Goderdzi

The first thing to note is the width of the tracks. Difficult you can not call them, depending on the site, the complexity varies from minimal to red. For lovers and those who are just developing skiing and snowboarding will be excellent. For the more sophisticated, there are unlimited possibilities for backcountry and forest skiing.

There is a lot of snow and the quality is very decent, but it should be remembered that the "sea" snow is distinguished by its softness. Tracks regularly ratrachat.

Lifts: at the moment there are two production Doppelmayr (planned 6).

Bottom - with closed cabins with a capacity of 6 people with space for skis and ammunition.

The second, which is higher, is a chair for 4 people with a closing “visor”.

The cost of the lifts in the ski resort Goderdzi from 01/12/2017 to 03/11/2018:

 Adults Children

1 day 25 15

2 days 50 30

2 days 71 42

2 days 92 55

Season 100

Ski and snowboard rental in Goderdzi

1 hour: 5 GEL (about $ 2)

All day: 25 GEL (about $ 10)

Prices are in Georgian GEL GEL.

Accommodation Goderdzi

"Goderdzi" is a new, actively developing ski resort, being built from "Zero" strictly according to the approved project. All 700 hectares of the resort have their own development plan. But this is in perspective over the coming years. In the meantime, based on this, the housing stock is not so large. In the existing hotels, chalets and guest houses can accommodate no more than 300-400 people per day, and the capacity of the resort is about 1000 people / hour. Therefore, housing should be taken care of in advance.

Prices for accommodation are very loyal, especially in comparison with other winter resorts in Georgia. For example, a double room in a hotel or in a chalet will cost ~ 40 USD, and 4 in ~ 60 USD or rent a chalet for 12 people completely - 200 USD (a large hall with a fireplace, a kitchen with everything you need, 5 bathrooms, equipment room, 4 bedrooms on the second floor with balconies), but there are not many such chalets there - less than 10. It will be even cheaper to stay in guest houses in the next village where you can negotiate meals for a moderate fee, and you should agree in advance with the host and for the transfer - about 3 km.

As an option to stay in the nearest district center Khulo, where there are hotels, but the one way trip to the resort will take 2 hours, a total of 4 per day, if there and back.


If you are going to stay in a guest house or hotel - it will be a good option to arrange on the spot. If the chalet - better to bring some stocks with you. On the territory of the resort in the season 2017/18 a good restaurant was opened near the cable car, 4-5 fast food outlets with mini markets.

All products from the population are exclusively natural.

How to get there?

There are 2 options:

1. From Batumi on the Trans -jar highway.

2. Tbilisi - Akhaltsikhe - further to the nearest village to Goderdzi and about 20 km more on the Snowmobile.

     The second option is due to the fact that during the winter period, on the other side of the Trans-Ajar highway, it is not yet passable by ordinary transport.

     Of the benefits - romance, an unforgettable ride through the mountain slopes on an unusual transport (capacity of 10 people with luggage).

     This is not a minibus transfer from the airport to the hotel)).

     Of the minuses - costs about 100 USD, if you have booked 1 of certain objects in Goderdzi (otherwise more expensive at times).

If there is bad weather on the day of the planned relocation, you will have to wait in the village.

• Tbilisi International Airport - 288 km

• Kutaisi International Airport 242 km

• Batumi International Airport - 110 km

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps I'll start with the minuses:

1. It is easier to get by ordering a transfer, public transport has not yet been adjusted for the winter period, that is, you will need to get to the nearest district center further by taxi.

2. The resort is developing and the infrastructure is not yet fully developed, but everything that is needed is there.

3. There is a strong wind, which is noticeable during the descent and in the cabin lift.

4. Not crowded, despite the large bandwidth.


1. Wide, long, gentle and well-groomed trails.

2. Excellent opportunities for backcountry and forest skiing.

3. A lot of snow from early December to late March.

4. Modern comfortable lifts.

5. No queues at the lifts.

6. Low prices for accommodation, lifts, food.

Goderdzi is a winter, ski resort for relaxing and relaxing skiing on snow-covered slopes. In summer you can enjoy the mountain scenery and the air. Nearby, the resort of Beshumi, well-known in Ajara, 7 kilometers of a green lake and a little further a black lake. The place is gaining popularity and Adzharians are increasingly going for a weekend to ski and spend a few days in the mountains.