A vivid example of how to turn a forgotten seaside village into a modern international climatic resort with European architecture, framed by forests, with smooth roads, well-groomed beach areas.

The resort existed in the times of the Soviet Union, began to actively develop about 7 years ago, due to the state program of tourism development, after almost twenty years of complete oblivion. For the construction was invited the Spanish modernist architect Alberto Domingo, who received a blank check on the development plan for the building. Practically, a new embankment was built on the waste ground, fashionable hotels, an amusement park was laid out, and even the geometry of the coastal strip was redone. The pedestrian bridge over the mouth of the Inguri River, connecting Anaklia and Ganmukhuri, 540 m long, is considered the longest pedestrian bridge in Europe. Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi was also noted here with his creations.

Located in the northwest, in the Zugdidi municipality, near the border of the Abkhaz Autonomous Republic. The population is about 3,000 people. City status was assigned in 2011. Distance to Zugdidi - 25 km, Poti - 67 km, Batumi - 141 km, Kutaisi - 115 km (there is the nearest airport), Tbilisi - 341 km.

Weather and climate in Anaklia

It belongs to the humid subtropical, but softer and drier, the precipitation is much less than in Adjara (1300 mm, but in the summer there are heavy rains). Perhaps this is one of the most sunny corners of the Georgian Black Sea coast.


In recent years, a number of hotels have been built, from small budget hotels to fully compliant with international standards. They have a casino, spa, bowling and billiards, swimming pools, restaurants and other pleasures of comfortable rest. There is an aquapark - one of the best and largest in the country, a yacht club, a boulevard, amphitheaters, athletic fields and children's playgrounds. The improved embankment stretched for almost 5 km, in some places it reaches a width of 70-80 meters. The beach on the left side of the river is exclusively sandy, and the second is pebbly, but there is a plus - the water is always a bit cleaner there. The bottom is not deep.

If you are fond of antiquities, you can see the local fortress, from which slave traders were taken away by Georgian slaves and representatives of the Circassian (Adyghe) people to the Ottoman Empire.

Connoisseurs of flora and fauna of the subtropics, visiting the national park "Kolkheti" can "shoot" with the camera marsh African and Eurasian waterfowl, go to the "Golden Lake" or the reserve "Batsara".

Entertainment resort Anaklia

Tennis courts, volleyball courts, discos. You can rent quad bikes and bicycles, take a boat trip on one of the boats of the yacht club or book one of the many excursions. For example, in the mountain Svaneti or Martvili canyons, visit Kutaisi.

For extreme sports: rafting, kiting, diving, climbing, parachutes - all this is available.

All this can be found and ordered on our website, but if you want something special, contact our operator and we will select the program for you according to your requests.

Fans of electronic music are attracted by the Georgian Electronic Music Festival. After the Crimean events, the KaZantip administration decided to transfer it to Anaklia. Kazantip took place here in 2014, but for many reasons did not catch on.

It was replaced by GEM FEST, which was held for the first time during the week in the summer of 2015. Now there are several scenes (one of them is installed in the water park) 24/7 on an area of ​​18 hectares, cafes and bars, an open-air cinema, art installations from the FEST team and a tent megalopolis for thousands of participants.

There are showers, toilets, points for charging phones, luggage storage and video surveillance. You can rent a single, double, triple tent with a pillow, foam rubber and rug or place your absolutely free. By the way, you can also put on the lawn of one of the many Guest Houses for ~ $ 5-10 per day. Another option is to book comfortable accommodation, for example, a room in one of several hotels or a guest house in Anaklia, this will allow you to have a quiet breakfast and take a shower. But this is worth taking care in advance. Our site is at your service.

In 2015, there were many famous artists, 2016 was even more intense program, and in 2017 the event lasted almost a month. Many of the most famous performers of modern electronic music performed at the GEM FEST in Anaklia. We will not list everyone, but here are some of them: Armin van Buuren, Solomun, Paul Kalkbrenner, Martin Garrix, Cosmic gate, Paul van Dyk, Fedde le Grand, Axwell and Ingrosso, Worakls, Boris Brejcha and many, many others.

In 2018, the Georgian Electronic Music Festival aka GEM FEST in Anaklia will be held from the 9th to the 12th of August.

Lineup looks like this for now:

Adelina, Anushka, Anrilov, Alex Niggemann, Bassil, Cassius, De Wachtkamer, Denis Horvat, Efim Kerbut, Federico Gardenghi, Hector cooper, John Acquaviva, Lamine

Maher Daniel, Moon’s Voyager, Marco Faraone, Paji, Ryan Crosson, Swanky Tunes, Sander Zhukov, Smailov, Shaun Reeves, Sebastien Leger, Sierra Sam,

Space Dimension Controller, Ten Walls, Templärs, Wayu.

Entrance tickets are divided into several categories:

“Single Pass” - a one-time bracelet with a bar code, gives the right to enter the territory once and exit.

“Multi Pass” - allows multiple entries and exits with access to the main scenes.

"VIP Pass" - access to all scenes, special lounge areas, backstage, parking place, separate entrance.

Buy tickets here (Place for your link!).

Anaklia, apart from the time when a music festival is held, is a quiet and uncrowded resort (especially in June and even in the first half of July). If you like a relaxing holiday by the sea or want to relax with your family without too much fuss, then this is the place for you! Reasonable prices and hospitable people. If you want to see something else, you can always book a tour or transfer to Batumi (141km), Kutaisi (115km) or in another direction.