A small town, elongated elongated shape, with a length of about 5 km. It is located on the banks of the Abasha River, and to its right lies a small chain of hills. It is located in the Megrelian region, at an altitude of 200 m above sea level. More than once you will have to hear from the locals that the Mingrelian language is one of the most ancient languages ​​of the world. The city captures both flat areas and highlands.

The flat territory is of little interest, one can even say that it is boring and monotonous, and the most interesting is located in the north of the highlands. The city has a developed tourist infrastructure, because Here are located the ancient and very significant sights for the history of Georgia, which many tourists want to see. But the most interesting are the mountain canyons, discovered recently.

Attractions Martvili

• Chkondidi Monastery

Built at the end of VII. Located in the southern part of the city on a hill, at a distance of a little more than a kilometer from the center. You need to get to it by cable car. Ascent and descent are paid separately, about 1 GEL per person. Important information: in order not to wait for a cable car cabin for a long time, it is necessary to call the telephone number indicated on the stand near the bus stop.

The name is translated from Megrelian as "Big Oak". Do not forget to take a camera: from the hill offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Walking through the area, you will enjoy the trills of birds sitting on huge ancient trees, but despite this, it will seem to you that everything is shrouded in peace and quiet.

• Martvili Cathedral

Another historic landmark, which is located in the village of Salkhino, is the summer residence of the Dadiani princes, who ruled in Georgia until 1866. The mansion will simply conquer you, it is so unusual that for a moment it will seem that you are in some kind of fairytale castle. Interesting architecture is not at all like the usual old Georgian. The residence of the princes is surrounded by mountains, which are covered with dense forests, and the residence itself has a huge green lawn with many alleys.

• Canyon

A wonderful and picturesque creation of nature, so beautiful that you don't want to leave it. Located in the village Gachedili. Recently discovered, he has already become very famous. Tourists from many parts of the world come to see this unusual creation of nature.

The waters of the Abashi River, which has been flowing through limestone cliffs for several millennia, have made a fascinating gorge. The depth of 40 meters, maybe not very deep, but very beautiful. The length is 2400 meters. In the middle - a beautiful stepped waterfall, more than 11 meters high. The "walls" of the gorge resemble a stone arch, covered with mosses, and because of the high humidity, beautiful vines twist around them. The stunning news from scientists and paleontologists made this place even more attractive and unique for tourists: dinosaur bones and caveman traces were discovered millions of years ago.

To inspect the entire length of the gorge locals provide boats. While waiting for a boat, you can sit in a cafe or at outdoor tables, as well as explore the backwater, capture a place on the camera, where from a height of more than 25 meters the river goes into the abyss. Just a stunning sight!

A lot of small streams, blue transparent lakes. The water in them is very cold. Or you can take a walk. Locals will tell you what path you can walk to the bridge (it is wooden, be careful!), Which offers a breathtaking view of the canyon from above.

Renting a boat for 4-6 seats is not very cheap, in the summer it will cost more than 70 GEL. It is better to come by the company, it will be cheaper. Be sure to ask the boatmen how to get to the royal baths, they are worth a look. In the baths once bathed the princes Dadiani.

You can order an excursion to Martvili from anywhere in Georgia on our website.

How to get there?

You can get to Martvili by shuttle bus, taxi, own car or on the way. From Kutaisi and Zugdidi you will get by bus, there are no direct routes from Batumi, you will have to book a tour.

Useful tips:

• it is not necessary to go after the rains, it is better after two or three sunny days;

• in the trip grab rubber slippers or sneakers, which is not a pity to spoil, because you have to walk on the water;

• you can take a picnic with you; there is a cafe there, but not in a canyon;

• on the way to the royal baths, you stumble upon a wooden table with benches where you can stop for a snack and at the same time enjoy beautiful views, falling down thickets of moss-covered vines covered with moss, the sound of a waterfall and trills of birds;

• photographers will offer to take a picture of you and by the time of your return they will already print the photos. Pay for it 3 GEL, but the print quality will be better. If you agree, throw on the USB flash drive.

• if possible, try the Ojaleşi wine (if you find it), because This variety is grown in very small quantities. Many prefer such varieties as Isabella and Tsolikauri. Vineyards planted foothills in the north of Megrelsky region.