Balneological resort located in the south of Kutaisi. Picturesque landscapes, lush forests, rocky mountains and healing mineral springs - this is what this land is famous for all over the world. Travelers come here to improve their health, get a boost of energy, relax in an ecologically clean area.

Climate in Sairme

Mild winters with little snow and not hot summer made the place ideal for relaxation at any time of the year. In winter, the thermometer almost does not fall below zero, in summer the air temperature is around 20 degrees.

Fresh mountain winds provide natural ventilation, and a large amount of precipitation — over 90 cm annually — is due to a humid subtropical climate. Here not only deciduous but also coniferous trees grow, thanks to which the air is filled with a pleasant fir tree aroma.

Therapeutic possibilities of the resort Sairme

Mineral waters were opened more than a century ago, they are suitable for the treatment of chronic diseases, to strengthen the general condition of the body after inflammatory diseases.

There are several sources operating here, the most popular of them are:

• No.1 helps in the treatment of urolithiasis, including pyelonephritis, renal colic, urethritis and cystitis. The drink helps to get rid of inflammatory infectious processes, helps the body recover after heavy surgical interventions.

• No. 2 is used prophylactically to treat the gallbladder with ducts, relieves mucus, sand, stones and other formations, is used to treat polyps, cholesterosis, and dyskinesia.

•No. 3 helps to cope with improper metabolism, leading to a whole range of problems: caries, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, drowsiness, anemia.

In these parts, you will improve the work of the kidneys, blood vessels, heart, compensate for iodine and iron deficiency, fill insulin deficiency, heal from neurosis, gout, overexcitement.

• No. 4 is suitable for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases: heartburn, flatulence, pancreatitis, dysbiosis. Such common problems as gastritis and ulcers, to which many residents of large cities are subject to due to the poor quality of food, nervous breakdowns and poor conditions in the metropolis, will also recede.

Two types of water are poured: mineral with gas and ordinary non-carbonated. Drinks are distinguished not only by medicinal properties, but also by gentle bubbles, mild pleasant taste, which even children like so much. They have a unique composition that is not typical for this region: saturated with magnesium, sodium salts, calcium, and iron. Liquid has been used in the fight against inflammatory processes, diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, removes harmful products from the body, reduces the risk of developing sclerosis. It is successfully used in health procedures, cosmetology - to improve the condition of the skin.

Experts do not recommend to use the healing liquid in unlimited quantities: the volume and composition can be prescribed only by a doctor after a survey. Mineral water from the well №3 is most effective for the prevention, thirst quencher, increase in tone.

Thermal waters of Sairme

In Sairma, treatment is also carried out with thermal waters. They help to recover from the effects of injuries, arthritis of the spine, lithiasis of the biliary tract, stabilize the microflora, eliminate toxins, normalize the work of all body systems. Taking thermal baths is also a pleasant pastime, when stress is relieved, the body relaxes, receiving a charge of vivacity.


Today Sairme is the real pride of the country. For the convenience of tourists at an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level, a spacious hotel has been established, there are shopping facilities and catering establishments. Works wellness complex, equipped with German equipment. Polyclinic is open around the clock, where therapeutic, urological, cardiological examinations are conducted.

The transport communication with these edges is thought out, all the bunkers are equipped for the services of the guests. There is an entertainment infrastructure for children, playgrounds for sports. There are interesting sightseeing tours of the most picturesque places, in the district center of Bagdati the museum of V. Mayakovsky, who was born here, is located.

How to get there?

Airplanes from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries regularly arrive in the capital of Imereti, Kutaisi. The road from the airport was recently renovated, has a length of 50 km. In addition, you can get from the airports of Tbilisi and Batumi.

Sairme resort is an unusual place for rest and treatment, a great opportunity to improve your health, enjoy warm days, spend time in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Only here guests are waited by healing mineral waters with a unique composition, successfully used in modern medicine and cosmetology.