Resort on the Black Sea, the second most popular holidaymaker in Georgia. The city of Kobuleti has a fairly developed infrastructure with many hotels of different levels and the private sector, restaurants, cafes, entertainment and the beach more than 10 kilometers.

The population of about 20,000 people received city status in 1944. During the USSR, the resort was considered one of the best on the Black Sea, it has been operating since 1911.


This is an unusual city, which consists of two parallel streets, stretching for 10 kilometers, not far from a huge sandy-pebble beach of the same length, with crystal clear water. Along the coastline, as well as along the main street, there are many hotels, cafes, restaurants and other tourist pleasures that multiply each year. This was promoted by the draft law “On the free tourist zone of Kobuleti”, according to which a person who invested at least 1 million lari (currently about $ 400,000) in the construction of hotels is exempted from property and income taxes for 15 years.

Along the whole beach there is a boulevard - a favorite place for walking for all who come to relax in this city. On the boulevard there are many hotels restaurants, cafes and other resort entertainment.

Climate and weather in Kobuleti

The city is located in the subtropical zone and has a mild and humid climate, the average temperature in summer is from + 25 ° to + 28 °, in winter the temperature rarely drops below +5. The driest and sunny months are ascending June, July, August, September.

Rental housing in Kobuleti

Rental housing in Kobuleti is an issue that should be taken care of, preferably in advance. Not because there is not enough rental housing there, but in order to choose a suitable option. The housing stock is represented by both hotels and the private sector. Every year, new hotels are being built up and most of them are budget hotels, quite different in terms of comfort. Note that there are not so many objects on the first line and most of them are on the second one. across the road separating the beach from the rest of the city. This is due to the fact that it is not recommended to build on the beach line, but in any case, to the beach a few minutes on foot. Many offers of rental housing in the private sector Kobuleti. These are guest houses, apartments or rooms in the houses of local residents, which they rent in the summer to visiting guests. Often with meals for an extra charge.

Everything presented on our site corresponds to the declared and in most cases verified by an employee of our company. To choose a suitable option for you in Kobuleti click on the Accommodation tab above the article or here.

Regarding sanatoriums and treatment - in Soviet times, many sanatoriums and rest houses were built, most of which belonged to the military department, now restored and correspond to the modern level of comfort and hospitality. Sanatoriums in Kobuleti specialize in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lung diseases, disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, kidneys and others. For people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, Ureki is suitable, which is located nearby. Prices for accommodation plus treatment start at $ 50 per day, the cost of procedures ranges from $ 7 to $ 30, a week course is about $ 400.

Neighborhood and entertainment

There is an opportunity to travel around the surrounding areas, where many fortresses have been preserved, such as the Greek fortress of Peter on the seashore, the fortress in the village of Alambari and Achquistavia; the temples of Gvar, Legva, Kakuti, the temple in Achi, the Hino monastery, the only famous mosque in the area of ​​Kvirik.

Wildlife trekking lovers are advised to visit the Mtirala National Park (meaning “Weeping”). The reserve, with an area of ​​15.8 thousand hectares at an altitude of 1761 m. Is immersed in tropical greenery, there are waterfalls and small rivers. The name of the park was due to frequent rains, fog and humidity (precipitation per year is 4.5 thousand mm).

We also recommend: Martvili Canyon is another unique and beautiful place worth visiting, Prometheus Cave, Sataplia.

For lovers of outdoor activities: paintball, horseback riding in the mountains of Adjara with an instructor and without, rafting on the mountain rivers of Adjara, diving, jet skis, rent a bike scooter.

Amusement park "Tsitsinatela" is located a few kilometers from the city - a huge entertainment park with modern attractions. Works in the evening and at night.

For those who want to "ignite" you can roll in Batumi - there are many institutions there, both with live music and discos, bungalows on the beaches, where the famous DJ's have recently performed.

The cultural program in the summer is saturated, and world-famous stars are no longer a rarity in Georgia. Such as: Robbie Williams, Eros Ramazotti, Jose Carreras, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, Armin van Buuren, The Prodigy, Jamiroquai ... so there are lots of options!

By the way, lovers of excitement will also be better in Batumi - the casino there is enough.

You can learn more about excursions from Kobuleti here.

Cuisine, Restaurants, Wine

Georgia, among other things, is famous for its cuisine and therefore in Kobuleti you will find many completely different establishments from small street cafes with khachapuri, shawarma and buritos to excellent restaurants where you can enjoy all the delights of Georgian cuisine. For example, satsivi, kalmakhi, bazhe, khinkali, etc. Almost every restaurant has not only bottled wine, but also home-made for the price of 2 GEL per glass (~ 200 ml - no one measures) and from 5 GEL per liter decanter. On average, you can eat well for + - $ 10 per person. This includes 2 dishes and a glass of wine or beer at the same time, the dishes are large.

Wine is sold everywhere and even on the street, including from the hands of local residents and merchants. If you know more about me as a wine, you can buy it anywhere. But I recommend bargaining because, as 20 GEL said, you can buy it for 10 or even 5-7 GEL per liter.

Guaranteed to buy good wines can be in large supermarkets or specialty stores.