Georgian Silk Road
Georgian Silk Road
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Large settlements in the Transcaucasus appeared at the beginning of the 4th century BC. One of them was Mtskheta - the first capital of the Georgian kingdom. A trip along this blessed land is like a journey back in time thousands of years ago. Located not far from Tbilisi, Mtskheta is a cult place both for Georgians themselves and for numerous tourists. No place in the country has such a number of early Christian buildings and holy places. The government does not spare money for the restoration and maintenance of cultural heritage sites.

No wonder the great Lermontov sang this place in his famous poem "Mtsyri". No detail is distorted in the text: here the Kura and Aragvi rivers actually merge, and an ancient monastery stands on a cliff.

Several historical monuments of the city are included in the registers of UNESCO.

Climate Mtskheta

Mtskheta is located in the dry subtropical zone. In summer there is an average temperature of +25, in winter +2. Caucasian ridge delays the invasion of the northern winds. Cold streams are unable to overcome such a barrier and flow around it from two sides. In contact with the waters of the Black Sea and the heated land, the air masses become warm.

Because of this, the climate is milder here than in other areas at the same latitude. The most comfortable time for tours is the period from March to November.

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How to get there

The easiest way to get from Tbilisi. Distance between cities 20 km. Direct flights to the modern Georgian capital are made by S7 Airlines and Georgian Airways. Arriving in Tbilisi, you need to find the metro station "Didube". Every 15 minutes there is a minibus to Mtskheta. The fare is 1.5 GEL. Tickets are bought at the box office and presented at the entrance to the minibus.

After 25 minutes, the minibus will reach the center. There and have to go. The car will go to the final stop, and this is another 3 km to the north. There is another option - take the train to Mtskheta, departing from the Tbilisi railway station (1 GEL). True, from the railway station to the center of the town will have to walk half a mile. And of course, a taxi. A trip from the current capital to the ancient one will cost 10-15 GEL.

Where to stay?

In Mtskheta and the surrounding villages there are about 30 hotels, mini-hotels, guest houses and country houses. In the top five - “Old Capital”, “Prima”, “Baginetti”, “Aragvi”, “Gamsakhurdia”. All these places are located in the center. Many provide accommodation with pets.

The hotels offer various bonuses: free breakfast, private secure parking, Wi-Fi. On the territory of hotels there are restaurants and bars. The rooms have a kitchenette with kitchenware and a kettle. Payment per day starts from $ 20.

Restaurants Mtskheta

Power points in the set are available both in the city itself and on the approaches to it. Judging by the reviews, the best food in the restaurant "Salobiye" is simple, tasty and inexpensive. The food is always fresh. This is largely due to the successful location of the institution. Next - monasteries and temples. Tired and hungry tourists involuntarily stop in front of a tempting sign.

City catering points delight guests with dishes of national cuisine. The competition is tough here, so every cook tries to cook with fiction. You can order not only traditional lobio, hinkali and kharcho, but also fish in sauce, nadugi, chikhirtma, phali, chakhokhbili.

In the menu of large institutions there are always dishes of European, Eastern European, Chinese cuisine. These include the restaurants "Georgian", "Gujari", "Aragvi", "Old Royal", "Old Armazi". Chilled wine is served at the table, which is especially appropriate on a hot day. The portions are quite large. Lunch for three, including three kebabs, three lobio with flatbread, salads, Adzhar-style khachapuri, Borjomi, lemonade and wine, costs 40-50 GEL.

The main attractions of Mtskheta

• Mtskheta is called the “second Jerusalem”. Such a high rank is justified by the fact that here is the main temple of Georgia, Svetitskhoveli. In it the Lord's chiton, woven by the hands of the Virgin, is buried. In addition, the cloak of the prophet Elijah and a particle of the relics of St. Andrew the First-Called are kept in the church's chapel.

The cathedral was built in the IV century. Strict, voluminous, with frescoes and rich iconostases, the temple is a permanent pilgrimage site for Christians from around the world.

• From afar one more famous temple is visible, Jvari - the same one described by Lermontov. The church was built on a high mountain, at the site of a cross erected by Saint Nina Cappadocia, the baptist of Georgia. From the observation deck Jvari offers a beautiful view of the city, the valley and the confluent rivers.

• Excursions to the Transfiguration Convent (Samtavro) will be of interest to connoisseurs of ancient architecture, as well as admirers of St. Gabriel, whose grave is located in the monastery fence. Here tsar Mirian is buried - the first baptized Christian of Georgia.

• In the vicinity is the oldest functioning monastery of Shio-Mgvime. In the caves around the church there are many cells inhabited by the local monks.

• It is impossible not to mention such architectural monuments as the monastery of Zedazeni with a healing spring, the feudal fortress of Ananuri with interesting wall painting samples, the ruins of the Bebristsikhe fortress.

Excursions in Mtskheta

The complex of excursions usually includes a visit to the Chateau Mukhrani winery. The guests are amazed by the beauty of the ancient manor, which includes a white palace of the XIX century, a garden, vineyards, a winery, wineries, underground tunnels. There are tastings and sales of premium wines.

Independent tours may cost less. But you will not know even half of what a competent guide will show you.

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