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Canyon Martvili and thermal springs
Rafting in Racha-Lechkhumi region


He resort village near Batumi (15 km), located on a hillside near the sea. Place suitable for a relaxing or family holiday. On the slope there are mini-hotels and guest houses, each of them will be happy guests.

Hotels and private sector

The resort infrastructure has been developing intensively over the last 5-7 years, there is already a fairly large selection of comfortable mini-hotels, guest houses.

Consider that the hotels here are located on the mountainside, and often on the booking sites it is indicated: the distance to the sea is 100 m (on the map), but it can actually be from half a kilometer to one and a half kilometers of serpentine, sometimes with an angle of 35.

Booking accommodation on our website, you will avoid such incidents. Do not worry, most hotels carry their guests to the sea or from the sea on a call or a schedule, it is often included in the price of accommodation or will be quite inexpensive. You can walk on foot, depending on your location, take 3-20 minutes. The road is quite picturesque; air saturated with the smell of eucalyptus groves, subtropical flora and fauna, mountain streams.

Housing prices start at $ 15 per person in a guest house or on average $ 50-60 per room at a hotel. As a rule, with the included breakfast and transfer from and to the airport. Most of the hotels offer food on site. Almost everyone has their own kitchen or restaurant, which is very convenient and prices are lower than the Batumi ones. The view from the window or from the terrace is very pleasant, both during the day and at night.

Weather and nature

The climate is subtropical, pristine nature. In summer, the average air temperature is 27 C and the water temperature is around 25 C, with a rather high humidity. But the humidity of the sea is not particularly felt. The pebble beach, a little less than a kilometer in length, is closely approached by mountains that are lush with subtropical flora, which creates a unique microclimate. Here grow eucalyptus groves, extraordinary flowers, palm trees, aloe, etc. A distinctive feature of the resort is clean air and crystal water of deep-sea beaches.

The resort is recommended for the prevention and treatment of the vascular and central nervous systems, as well as gynecological diseases. The water here is much cleaner than in Batumi. Due to all these factors, the resort is popular with the local population. The best months for holidays are July, August and early September.

In June, it is also quite warm, but the month is more rainy, but in general, as lucky, for example, in June 2016 there was great weather.

The beach is pebbly, about a kilometer long, the water is very clean, it is considered one of the best on the entire coast of Georgia.

The entrance to the water can not be called gentle, after 7-8 steps it reaches a depth of two meters. The beach has changing rooms and pay shower. It is better to have shoes for swimming, as the stones are quite large. If you didn’t take it with you - it doesn't matter, you can buy ~ 15 GEL on the spot from the beach merchants. You can also buy Georgian sweets, fruit and, if you arrived in May and early June, local oranges. They differ in taste from those that you used to buy in a store.

There are cafes, restaurants and something like beach disco bars, small shops, pharmacies, ATMs.

By the way, in hotels that are located high in the mountains, mosquitoes disappear, only butterflies remain, but they are harmless.


• Due to its deep-sea beaches, Kvariati is popular with diving enthusiasts. In the southern part of the beach is the only diving center in Georgia, right next to the rocks. Here you can get a briefing and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Black Sea (diving with a mask and flippers, learning to dive, arrange a dive to wrecks).

• You can see the ruins of the ancient fortress of Gonio, which is also popular with holidaymakers. Its historical and archaeological significance is so high that excavations are currently prohibited. It is supposed that one of the apostles of Christ is buried there, they say that he came here after the death of his teacher, and it was here that he preached his teachings for a long time.

• On a particularly hot day, you can make a trip to Muhunceti Falls, it is always cool there. You can take a dip and dine at a local restaurant, where you will be offered Kalmachs (translated from Georgian, this means river trout) or have a meal in specially equipped gazebos for tourists. The road will take about 40-50 minutes one way. There are still waterfalls less experienced, but no less interesting, for this you have to drive a little further and longer.

• If you want the coolness of the mountains and see the real mountainous Adjara, you should go beyond the Muhunceti Falls, closer to the Goderdzi pass, where it begins.

• It is possible to go shopping in Turkey, to the border literally 10 minutes away (the border will take about an hour). The resourceful Turks built something like a shopping center right next to the border point, so it makes no sense to go deeper. If you still want to go to the nearest Turkish city of Trabzon, then the choice, of course, will be wider in terms of quality and prices.

• If you suddenly become bored, Batumi is just around the corner, just 15 km away, where there are many restaurants, bars, casinos, discos, an aquapark, and many other attractions. Taxi costs about 10 GEL, buses and minibuses 60-80 tetri (Georgian pennies) also ply constantly.

• Very close, 5-7 minutes drive, is Sarpi. Nice beach and you can dive right off the rocks.

• From water entertainments: hydrocycles, catamarans, boats, parachutes.