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Updated 25.6.2022

This is a popular destination in mountainous Georgia known, first of all, for its towers . If you want to see a real high-mountainous settlement and real mountain roads, then you should spend a day on this. This road is different from, let’s say, from Zugdidi to Mestia. This will be a deeper dive.


Ushguli, Georgia


Ushguli itself is small, you can walk around it in a couple of hours and even have time to climb the old stone towers. Here you can ride horses in the mountains and go to the glacier even in summer. Those who want to see mountain landscapes should visit Ushguli.

Ushguli is 2200 meters above sea level. It is located at the foot of Shkhara mountain which is 5193 meters. Even in the hottest period of summer, the summit of Shkhara is covered with snow and usually hides behind clouds.

We can say - the quintessence of Svaneti. Maybe this is not a completely correct statement, because Georgia is diverse and each of its regions is colorful and unique in its own way,  but there is widespread opinion: "Who has not seen Svaneti has not seen Georgia."

Shkhara view, Ushguli 


History of Ushguli


The oldest dwellings date back to the 9th century, but, according to archaeological evidence, settlements existed here much earlier. The uniqueness of the high-mountainous community and the preserved original architectural monuments gave rise to the inclusion of this area in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During the reign of Queen Tamara, her summer residence was located here.

For a long time, this region was geographically cut off from the rest of the territory of