The Caucasus Mountains are excellent for winter sports and the Gudauri ski resort in Georgia is a clear confirmation of this. Of course, this is not the only location in the country, but it is the one that is most popular among tourists thanks to advanced technological equipment and developed infrastructure. There are many slopes of varying complexity, modern lifts, high-quality equipment, plenty of hotels and restaurants. Gudauri ski resort for lovers of snow-covered slopes and beautiful landscapes. In parallel with this, it will be very interesting for fans of freeride, because the possibilities of skiing in this style are greatly expanded in comparison with the Alpine and Swiss resorts.

You can get here from the capital of Georgia along the Georgian Military Road. Located Gudauri resort at an altitude of 2.1 km above sea level on the slopes of the Caucasus Great Range - the mountains of Sadzele (3268 m and 3307 m) and Kudebi - 3006 m. In the post-Soviet space this is one of the most popular and popular locations with high-quality tracks and modern infrastructure. The slopes for skiing are located above the forest, so there is no chance to encounter a tree. Most of them have a moderate slope, so they are suitable for rolling, training and training. Trails are equipped with fluorescent signs that provide orientation for skiers with visibility no more than 10-20 meters.

Winter holidays in Georgia in Gudauri

The total length of descents here is 50 km, and the height difference reaches 1,200 meters. The longest trail is 7 km. In Gudauri, the rest will be enjoyed, both by professional athletes and those who first started skiing. There are 22 slopes for tourists. You can choose the option for speed skating, slalom and cross-country skiing. Beginners recommend ordering instructor services. In addition to local specialists, there are qualified guys from Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. Thus, rest in Gudauri with children is quite possible - your child will be taught to ski without any problems.

The location itself and its surroundings is a paradise for freeriders. You can use the lifts, order a helicopter or climb to the top on foot. Backcountry, heli-skiing and heliboarding fans wishing to spend an active and at times dangerous skiing holiday in Gudauri, as well as amateur extreme lovers to leave the “first mark” will be guaranteed to be satisfied with the rest. Beginners are offered freeride and speedriding training. In programs of extreme skating, participation is allowed only accompanied by rescue guides.

The ski resorts of Gudauri consist of three parts:

Kumlistsikhe - the lower zone, which is the largest settlement. In this location there are many hotels and restaurants, rental equipment, information center, lower cable car station and even a small temple.

Akhali - the central part, located at the beginning of the 2nd lifting mechanism. Tourists are offered parking, medical center, equipment rental, cafes and several hotels.

The upper section is the starting point for the descent. In this location there are few hotels scattered around the territory. From the lift, they are removed on average by 1 km.

To know how much is the rest in Gudauri, as well as to choose a ski tour, which will include a transfer and a number of other pleasant aspects, the company "Sunny Georgia Travel" will help you.

Skiing in Gudauri - trails and lifts

For the convenience of holidaymakers, the slopes at the resort are divided into three levels of difficulty, each of which is assigned a corresponding color:

Blue - indicates wide, gentle slopes without tubercles and protrusions, as a result of which they are most suitable for beginners.

Red - indicates the slopes of medium difficulty, which are intended for experienced skiers.

Black - the descent for professionals.

Rest in Gudauri in winter is quite comfortable, because the Poma and Doppelmayer lifts can serve up to 11,000 people at once, so there are no queues at the resort. They operate from 10 am to 4 pm, and on weekends - until 17-00. At one of the slopes available evening skiing on Saturdays from 20-00 to 22-00. Along the lifts and even in the booths distributed free Wi-Fi.

Skiing in Georgia in Gudauri - options for lifts:

"Pirveli" - 3-armchair, the length of 1053 m, illuminated in the evening, there are snow cannons along this route.

"Kudebi" - 3-armchair, 1063 m, leading to the top of the mountain.

"Snow Park" - 3-chair, 1104 m, slope for extreme skiing.

"Soliko" - 4-armchair, 2295 m, this descent is speed.

"Sadzele" - 4-chair, 1504 m, leading to the top of the mountain of the same name.

6 chair - located in the area of ​​the hotel "CrossPass".

"Gudauri" - gondola cableway, 2800 m, capacity - 10 people.

Do not forget about the children's educational slope "Zuma", equipped with two baby lifts and a 600-meter drag rope lifting mechanism. Since 2012, for tourists who came to rest in Gudauri in Georgia, there is a 300-meter tubing track (for riding an inflatable sled) and a jogging track.

Equipment rental also affects the cost of rest in Gudauri:

Basic set - skis, poles, boots / snowboard, boots ~ $ 13 per day.

VIP kit with skis for freeride and high-speed ride ~ $ 21 per day.

Equipment items - helmet, gloves, glasses ~ $ 2.5 per day.

Flight with an instructor on a paraglider ~ $ 70 for 10-15 minutes.

If you rent equipment and equipment for 3 days - a small discount is offered. If you have your equipment available - the price of a holiday in Gudauri will be cheaper for you. If suddenly you have a question of reducing financial costs, you can save on housing and other aspects of the trip.

Rest rationally - accommodation and meals in the best ski resort in Georgia

In hotels of Gudauri, housing prices vary in a wide range. You can choose your accommodation among guest houses, chalets, hotels and other apartments. New hotels and restaurants open here every season, since this resort is the best in Georgia and its infrastructure is actively developing. Keep track of reviews about holidays in Gudauri in specific locations - this will help you understand the level of service and choose the best option. If you come by car, you can save money and stay in Kazbegi - a cozy village 30 km from the resort. There are many apartments in this place and they are cheaper.

Renting a home at the lowest cost is possible only with early booking. Therefore, if you want to come to Gudauri for the New Year 2019 to celebrate, we recommend starting now to search for a hotel, apartment or guest house. In the season, finding accommodation can be problematic, do not forget about it.

Apartment price:

Bed in a common room (hostel) - from $ 15.

Guest house number - from $ 30.

Apartment or apartments in the hotel - from $ 40.

As for food, the prices in hotels and cafes / restaurants are not too different. Dinner for two on average costs $ 15. A good option to save money and time - the supply of food. You can buy products upon arrival at the supermarket or in the local market. It is cheaper than food in a restaurant, and at the same time it will extend the time spent on the mountain for a couple of hours. After all, we’ll have an appetite for reducing the air, in which case chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, churchkhela, dried cheese and a thermos with hot tea will be very useful.

Interesting places in the vicinity of the ski resort

As a rule, to watch sights in Gudauri is the last reason people come here. The main goal of all tourists is a ski vacation. In the daytime, you can paraglide, visit Kazbegi and Gergeti. In the last location is worth attention temple Tsmind Sameba (Holy Trinity). If the weather is good, you can visit Tbilisi, but it will take a whole day. As an evening rest - bath, bowling, tasting delicious dishes and wines in local restaurants. Of course, the main attraction of the resort is the picturesque mountain landscapes.

Call in "Sunny Georgia Travel" if you want to brightly and unforgettably meet the new year in Gudauri, booking accommodation for the celebration of which is just now becoming highly relevant. Here you will like everything, including the weather, we are sure of it. By the way, about meteorological conditions. The resort is quite warm, because it is located on the south side of the mountain and is constantly heated by the sun. Strong winds and frosts here are extremely rare, on average the temperature stays at a level from -5 to -10С.

The season at the best resort of Georgia lasts from the end of December to the beginning of April.