Main Excursions Kakheti - the birthplace of wine and hospitality (from tbilisi)

Kakheti - the birthplace of wine and hospitality (from Tbilisi)

From Tbilisi
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Full day excursionKakheti is one of the most famous Georgian regions. Even those who have never been to Georgia have probably heard something about her. And this is something connected, of course, with wine. We invite you to go with us to the homeland of famous Georgian wines, to the land of wonderful gardens and vineyards.
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  • All transfers according to the program
  • Russian-speaking guide
  • All entrance fees for the program
  • Water in the bus 0.5 l
  • Wine tasting
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  • Dinner
  • Personal expenses

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Travel route

Monastery of St. Nino in Bodbe,

city ​​- love Sighnaghi,

lunch in the Georgian family with a master class of Georgian cuisine,

Tsinandali manor and wineries,

Kindzmarauli - a tour of the winery and wine tasting.

A bit about Kakheti

Vinogradstvo appeared in Kakheti together with the first inhabitants, even before they decided on the name of their kingdom. According to the legends, Noah himself grew the first vine on the slopes of Ararat, and to Ararat here, from Kakheti, hand in hand. Modern excavations confirm that the locals knew how to handle grapes back in the days when the French, the current winemakers of wine fashion, had never heard of it. However, at that time nobody knew about the French themselves. Wine jugs, stone crushers, hardened grape seeds, found on the site of the oldest Kakhetian settlements, date back to the 10th millennium BC.

Almost every Kakhetian village has become famous throughout the world for its wine brand. Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Teliani, Mukuzani were primarily the names of the regions and villages, and only then the name of the wine. Such wine glory of the inhabitants of Kakheti only pleases. They love their grapes and cherish. And for good reason: the varieties that are cultivated here are called the autochthonous scientific language. Kakheti is their homeland.

But Kakheti is not only wine. This is an amazingly beautiful place, the birthplace of great people, the focus of ancient monuments and Christian culture.

Monastery of St. Nina in Bodbe

The first churches were built in Kakheti in the 4th century, during the times of St. Nina, the enlightener of Georgia. It was she who brought Christianity to this region. Here in Kakheti, there is also the grave of one of the most revered Georgian saints. According to legend, the saint herself chose her resting place. The king of Kartli, Miriam, the first of the Georgian kings to be baptized, wished to transfer the body of Nina to his capital Mtskheta. But they could not move the coffin. And today, the remains of Nina are buried in the Bodbe monastery, which grew out of a small church over the holy grave.

Sighnaghi - the city of love

The small town of Sighnaghi became famous recently, but already today a trip around Kakheti without visiting this place will not be complete. One of the main attractions of Sighnaghi fortress, founded by the famous Georgian king Irakly II on the slopes of the mountain. The walls of the fortress are perfectly preserved. From the height of a wonderful view of the Alazani valley, vineyards, mountains. The winding streets, two-story houses with red roofs imperceptibly have a town with the ancient cities of Italy. Here you want to breathe deeply, sing and love. By the way, registry offices in Sighnagi are open around the clock! Perhaps that is why the nickname of the city of love was firmly established for Sighnaghi.

Lunch in the Georgian family with a master class in Georgian cuisine

We will visit the traditional Georgian family where the owner will show his compound, and the owner will hold a workshop on Georgian cuisine for everyone. Also waiting for you tasting home wines and chacha from the host. Lunch is charged separately.


Tsinandali is a tribal village of one of the most famous Georgian surnames, princes Chavchavadze. This genus gave the world famous politicians, military leaders, poets and scientists. We will visit the princely wine cellars, which contain a unique wine collection, collected over a hundred years. 16 thousand bottles! You will be able to wander through the park, in which Russian diplomat and writer Alexander Griboedov once walked with his young wife, Nina Chavchavadze. And see with my own eyes how the Georgian aristocrats lived.

Kindzmarauli Region - a winery in the “Kindzmarauli Corporation”

It is a sin to visit Kakheti and not to see the Alazani Valley, amazing at any time of the year, not to try the real Kindzmarauli. We will definitely go there and visit one of the biggest winemaking companies. Here you will be told everything about Georgian wine! They will teach you how to drink and choose a good drink. The company's sommelier will hold a wine tasting, which is included in the price.

Children under 6 travel for free

50% discount for a child from 6 to 12 years


  • Excursion start location: площадь Свободы, сквер Пушкина у информационного центра
  • Number of participants: min 1 / max 15
  • Duration hours: 12
  • Free cancel before: 48 Hours

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The prepayment is 10% of the cost of the service.

Free cancellation is possible for 48 hours before the start

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